Battlerite Royale Free Midweek Announcement

There’re some great news for Battlerite Royale players out there today! Stunlock Sudios announced today that there’s going to be a FREE MIDWEEK which consists of free try out of their MOBA and battle royale mash-up. They’re also adding a Steam Midweek Madness Sale offering a 30% discount on Battlerite Royale starting tomorrow 10/30/2018 and will be ending on 11/2/2018.

Currently, there’s a Halloween event which can be enjoyed now until November 7th. The Halloween event consists of a spooky Halloween packed with awesome weapons for champions, some new legendary outfits, mounts, and event quests. There’re also new avatar characters such as “Curse Of The Night”,

new maps “The Haunted Keep” and Trick or Treat Shrines” where players can get random buffs and debuffs.

So get your Steam Giftcard, and gear up for this Halloween event! Take full advantage of the 30% discount that this game has to offer! Enjoy the Free Midweek event, and get the opportunity to try out the MOBA and battle royale mash-up!

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