Ghostbusters World AR Game

Are you still playing other old boring location-based mobile AR based games and just want something different?

Well, now there’s something new and could become big in the next couple of months. Apparently Sony Pictures Consumer Products, Ghost Corps, publisher FourThirtyThree Inc. (4:33), and developer Next Age have been working on a location based mobile AR game. The game Ghostbusters World has been released and you can download it any time from Google Pay or the Apple App Store. Great time of the year for this game to be released since Halloween is just around the corner.

By this time you may be asking yourself on how this game is different then other AR games. Ghostbusters World offers many in game options. Just the regular AR games you’ve seen in the past, you get to walk around all over looking for ghost to catch. Here, you’ll have to use your Proton Bean to weaken the ghosts, they will attack back, and you can also counter attack. Ones you weaken the ghost that you’re trying to catch, you can use your trap to capture them.

The point of the game, is to trap as many ghost as possible. The more powerful the ghost is that you trap, the better. You can then take your trapped ghost and battle them out in Story Mode and Ghost Dimension.

The Story Mode can help your ghosts level up faster. The more you play Story Mode, the better your ghost will become. This is one of the biggest and most important parts of Ghostbusters World. My recommendation is to level up your ghosts before taking on the Ghost Dimension. One of the coolest things about Story Mode, is that the story features cut-scenes and scripts written by Erik Burnham who is the writer of the Ghostbusters Comic.

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Now let’s talk about the Ghost Dimension. The Ghost Dimension has three main components. The Daily Haunt, Gozer’s Tower, and Ghost Arena. They all remind me of Final Fantasy where you’ll battle it out with a ghost or a group of ghosts.

The Daily Haunt is a battle between you and a group of evil ghosts. Hopefully you have already upgraded your equipment and ghosts before you take on this challenge. If you’re not prepared, you’ll get torn apart and not last long in the battle. This is when Story Mode comes in handy because that’s where you’ll get your ghosts upgraded.

Gozer’s Tower is where you’ll get awesome loot. Come back here often to reload on some loot every time you’re shot on it.

Ghost Arena is to battle it out with other players. It’s a 2V2 based battle. You better come prepared to this battle or loose without dignity.

Also beware! Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man is also in the game! You can battle this giant monster with up to four players in Co-Op Raid Action Mode. Do not dare go in with just yourself. Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man will tare you apart in no time.

After playing it for a while, you’ll get hooked up. I did noticed I found myself spinning to the left often trying to catch up to the ghost. Not sure if this was a bug or part of the game. Even after turning the AR camera off located on the top right of the screen. Got very dizzy for sure trying to capture ghosts. I hope hey notice this bug pretty soon or they’re going to be a lot of people falling down on the sidewalks. Certain things will be locked until you complete certain tasks. This is just so you’ll learn on how to play the game at on a step by step basis. For example, you have to get to level 7 for you to be able to unlock Ghost Dimension. Then you’ll have to get to certain levels in the Ghost Dimension area to unlock Gozer’s Tower and Ghost Arena.

Overall, I believe this game has a lot of potential. I’m very excited already since Ghostbusters has always been one of my childhood cartoons when growing up. Happy ghost hunting and happy gaming!


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