Swap This! Game Released For Nintendo Switch

Swap This! was released today for Nintendo Switch at the eShop for only 99 cents by two tribes developers. Swat This! is an Arcade Style puzzle game that kind of resembles an iOS and Android game called Candy Crush. To play this game, you will need skills, tactical thinking, and quick wits!

Unlike Candy Crush, Swap This! has 4 varied modes that you can choose from. They have the Wave Mode, Puzzle, Fish Fight, and Minute Match. Here’re some main points that two tribes developers pointed out about Swap This!

  • Unique arcade-style take on matching puzzle games
  • Hone your skills, start chain reactions and master power-ups
  • 4 varied game modes: Minute Match, Wave Mode, Fish Fight and Puzzle
  • Play on the touch screen for maximum velocity
  • Exclusively available on Nintendo Switch
  • It’s only ¢99 / €1 for the first few weeks, so why are you still reading this?!

The main question that two tribes for developing this game was answered as this:

“Q: Why did you develop Swap This!?
A: We wanted to make matching games exciting again! When we started development, 7 years ago now, the genre was all about simple repetitive tasks and being rewarded with fancy animations. This is actually still the case… With Swap This! we wanted to create something more skill-based, requiring fast reflexes and tactical thinking. You still start by matching colors, but once you get the hang of it you’ll juggle multiple chain reactions in real time while deploying power-ups strategically. It all stems from the fact that you can swap any cube on screen whenever you want, opening up a sea of possibilities.” (Source: two tribes Questions Answered: http://twotribes.com/message/swap-this-qa/)

If you’re interested on finding more questions with answers about the developer, you may find more at http://twotribes.com/message/swap-this-qa/

So if you have a Nintendo Switch and love Arcade type games, this game will satisfy your needs. And for it being only 99 cents for the first few weeks, there’s no time to waste!  

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